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In-Plant Offices 


PortaFab is the recognized leader in the application of economical modular design techniques used in the construction of pre-fabricated in-plant offices, manufacturing rooms. clean rooms, and industrial wall systems.  

In 2001 Engineered Handling designed, sold and installed a 2 story unit with over 8,000 feet of space.


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Porta-King is your one stop source for highly innovative, prefabricated building solutions. Since 1969 their buildings, wall systems, mezzanines, shelters and towers have been used for thousands of unique construction applications across North America and throughout the world. Porta-King provides customers with cost effective, highly functional, easy to assemble alternatives to conventional construction.



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Wire Partitions & Cages

 WireCrafters provides durable wire partitions that are designed to install quickly.  WireCrafters offers the highest quality products available in the woven wire industry.  WireCrafters is a leader in new product development and automated manufacturing methods, and is unsurpassed in production capability.  48 hour shipment on stock sizes guaranteed.
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