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MezzanineMezzanines - Are you looking for Space in your Existing Facility?

Cubic Designs

Cubic Designs manufactures pre-engineered, custom mezzanines that can add a second or third level inside your facility, economically creating more usable space. Our steel mezzanine floors are designed to fit your exact area, height, color and loading requirements. As a mezzanine design company, we perform field measurements for every mezzanine floor that we manufacture and install. Cubic Designs mezzanines create new usable space with production floor mezzanines, equipment platforms, distribution center mezzanines, storage platforms, assembly platforms, parts department mezzanines, stock room mezzanines and more.



Due to the demand of many of our customers, Cubic Designs also manufactures a variety of warehouse and industrial safety products including safety railing, steel guard rails, industrial stairs and hand rails, mezzanine gates, rack guards, and other safety barriers. Heavy duty steel industrial safety railings from Cubic Designs are as tough as any safety railing products on the market. Cubic Designs also has greater ability to custom engineer plant safety products like industrial stairs, industrial hand railings and safety gates than other industrial safety product manufacturers.


Wildeck manufactures custom and modular steel, free-standing mezzanines, vertical reciprocating conveyors (otherwise referred to as material lifts, freight lifts, mezzanine lifts, or freight elevators), mezzanine accessories & safety guarding products including guard rails, machine guards, rack protectors, & safety railing as well as stairways, crossovers, and ladders for small to large industrial, commercial, & government facilities across the country.




PFlow builds special handling systems from Vertical Lifts to reciprocating conveyors that can be integrated into any mezzanine design.



Wire Crafters

Wire Crafters provides durable wire partitions that are designed to install quickly. WireCrafters offers the highest quality products available in the woven wire industry. WireCrafters is a leader in new product development and automated manufacturing methods, and is unsurpassed in production capability. 48 hour shipment on stock sizes guaranteed.  The image below depicts a wire partition used for hand railing on top of a mezzanine.



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