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Pallet Rack Identifier

We have designed a rack selection guide to assist in the selection of the proper type of storage solution for your application. These are only guides so feel free to contact your Engineered Handling sales engineer @ 866-722-5489 (Rack-Guy).

Whenever you are designing a rack system it is most important to understand the load you are storing. You need to know the load width, depth, height, if there is any overhang on the pallet, and is the pallet in good condition. Most importantly how much does the load weigh.

Racking Types

Selective Rack (1 deep)

Selective Rack

Selective rack is the most popular rack type, because it has the highest versatility. Single-deep selective rack, by far the most common type, is designed to provide ready access to every stored load.

Selective rack is available in both roll-formed and structural construction.

$25-35 per pallet position (Delivered and Installed)

Double Deep (2 deep)

This style of rack uses the same components as selective rack except the racks are positioned one in front of the other. This type of rack willrequire the use of a double deep reach truck and usually will require a bottom beam and pallet supports in theback positions. This type of rack will increase the cube density of the warehouse yet still maintain a 50%+ selectivity. Be aware that a double deep reach truck is a difficult piece of equipment to operate.

$35-40 per pallet position (Delivered and Installed)

Push Back (2-6 deep)

Push Back

Push Back rack is popular because it provides an optimal combinationof selectivity and storage density. Push Back is a system of telescopingcarts which ride on a pair of inclined rail assemblies mounted within arack structure. Each cart/rail assembly can accommodate between twoand six loads. It is a first-in/last-out system.

$120-130 per pallet position (Delivered and installed)

Drive-in (2-12 deep)


Drive-in and drive-through rack is the highest density storage solution available. In this configuration, long lanes of palletized product is stored in bays which accommodate lift truck travel. Because a truck enters the rack, the load is placed on cantilevered arms which support it right and left. Drive-in's density makes it a perfect solution for storageof large volumes of like product.

$65-75 per pallet position(Delivered and installed)

Pallet Flow (2 to 20 pallets deep)

Pallet Flow

Pallet flow rack provides first-in/first-out full pallet movement. Typically used in order fulfillment operations, Pallet Flow is a highly versatile product. It can be configured for a wide range of loads, and forfull-pallet or full-case picking. The systems with 3 or deeper pallets normally will include 1 brake per pallet to control the speed of the loads.

$200 -250 per pallet position (Delivered and installed)

Carton Flow (2 to unlimited cases deep)

Carton Flow

Carton flow rack provides first-in/first-out case movement. Typically used in order fulfillment operations, Carton Flow is a highly versatile product. It can be configured for a wide range of loads, and for full-case or split-case picking.

$2,100 per bay (Delivered and installed)

Cantilever Rack


Cantilever rack is used for storage of long, difficult-to-handle items such as lumber, pipe, and furniture.

$1,650 per bay (Delivered and installed)

Shelving Types


Open-type shelving is ideal for general-purpose storage, andmaximum economy. It has the strength and design to securely store bulky and boxed materials. Cross braces are included for the back and sides toprovide exceptional rigidity.

Cost per unit $75-125

Closed-Type Without BacksClosed-Type - Without Backs

Economical closed-type shelving without backs providesside-by-side closure for storing items requiring side support. Closed-type shelving without backs is often used as the second row in a back-to-back installation. It is also used along walls orwith another type back material.

Cost per unit $125-150

Closed-Type With BacksClosed-Type - With Backs

This rugged shelving protects the contents of each shelf on three sides, while providing a neat, finished appearance. Backs come painted #105 White to reflect light in the unit, reducing picking time and errors. Closed-type shelving with backs is perfect for storing loose parts taken out of original shipping containers.

Cost per unit $125-175


With versatile bin-type shelving, you can have a storage system precisely customized to store your parts and small bulk items. Shelf dividers and boxes separate items for easy access &identification. Backs come painted White to reflect light in theunit, reducing picking time and errors.

Cost per unit $150-200


Designed for dealership Parts Departments,Flexi-Bins® slide-in shelves and slidingdividers adjusteasily to match changing inventories. This allows parts to remain in proper sequence. Parts can bequickly identified and retrieved.Inventory control is increased and Partspersonnel are more efficient.

Cost per unit $175-225

Storage CabinetsStorage Cabinets

Cabinets are 78" high, 36" wide and are available in both18" and 24 " depths. The four full-width shelves adjust on1-1/2increments and shelf capacity is 150 pounds per shelf.Foradded security, a 3-point locking mechanism is standardonall storage cabinets.

Cost per unit $350-400

Rivet SpanRivet Span shelving

Rivet-Span is an economical and versatile hand loadstorage product that is incredibly easy to assemble, yetstrong.

Cost per unit $350-425

Archival Records & FilesArchival Records & Files

The Record Holders system can be used in single-shelving installations, multi-level shelving or high rises, and in a variety of configurations.

Cost per unit $350-425

Archival Records & FilesLong Parts & Moldings

There are several solutions to store and protect long parts and fragile moldings. Included are vertical bins for awkward parts and short moldings, horizontal racks for longer moldings and for the usually troublesome wheel house moldings and combination units.

Cost per unit $350-400

Modular DrawersModular Drawers

High-density drawers, save space, provide betterorganization and allow faster small parts picking. Modular drawers make smart use of your valuable floor space and improves operating efficiency at the same time!

Cost per unit $1,000-1,500

Modular Drawers allows recovery of up to 70% of floor space

Save up to 70% of floor space

Ask one of our sales engineers for an in-depth survey of your potential savings.

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